SPRING: New Season, Same God


How was your Winter season? What did it bring for you?



Were you resting and rejuvenating? Going strong at it in work and home projects? Stressed about family relationships or bank accounts? Struggling to make it through under a heavy burden?

What are you most excited about for this new season as the weather warms up? What is causing you the most anxiety or fear?

Take a pause, and answer the questions honestly.





With every new season, so many things change, and change can cause significant anxiety in all of us. (Carey Nieuwhof does some great writing on what NOT to say if you’re going through change, and also has a great book- Leading Change without Losing It). And yet- the One who has been faithful and with us in the past will be no different in this new season.


For me as a church communicator, I am in great anticipation of the meaningful conversations and relationships I will have in this new season. And yet also for me, the details of juggling the challenges of life, work, relationships, health, and everything else on my plate this season brings anxiety for me. I’m not sure how it will all work, and sometimes I wonder if God will provide the way.


It’s weird isn’t it? That somehow, even though we have experienced God’s provision in the past and he has been faithful, somehow we think, “Yeah but this time it’s different. I’m not sure he can be trusted on all the details this time because it’s more complicated than the last thing he did for me.”


This is why I need to so often go back to the basics of the Bible when anxiety hits. What is the very first verse in Genesis?


“In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth….”


And then again at the start of the Gospel according to John, the author says that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and became flesh and blood and dwelt among us.


God is the creator of every new thing and every new season. He knows and cares for you very intimately, just as he hovered over the waters in creation, he hovers over your circumstances. His very presence is with you.


In this new season, as always- He starts, He will finish, and He is with us in the messy middle.


Who started it? God. Who is with us as we begin a new season? God. Who can be trusted to care for us and create with great intention, whatever world we walk into in this new season of life? It is God the Father, Son, and Spirit present and breathing life over us.


May the Father bring you courage through his Son Jesus by the power of his Holy Spirit who is always with us, whatever lies ahead.

Joanna la FleurComment