To the Lion in You


I have two tattoos on my arms and I’m not sure I’ve had the chance yet to tell you about them yet. But I think a week where I’m getting asked a lot of questions about COURAGE is a good time to share the story a bit.



On my right arm I have the word LION, and on my left arm I have the word LAMB.

When Christians see them, I think they assume that the words are referring to Jesus, who is called the Lion and the Lamb. And or course, that is partially true because that is his name. But that’s not why I got them.


After going through a difficult season in my life requiring a lot of courage to do the right thing day after day in the face of adversity and haters, I got these tattoos.


God was speaking to me a lot about what it took to be a courageous leader, and what it took for Jesus to be this kind of example for us.


A lion is fierce, strong, courageous, sure-footed, and has super great hair. A lion is a king in every room they step into. On the other hand, a lamb is gentle, meek, trusting, dependent, and is a fuzzy little creature. A lamb is a servant in every room they step into.


To be all Lion or all Lamb would be too much of one or too much of the other. We need to be both, and God is making me into a bit of both. A person who has the courage to step out and also the courage to follow. Jesus is the Lion of Judah, but Revelation declares that surprisingly, it is the Lamb that overcomes. So in that difficult season of my life, and moving forward, I wanted to mark on myself both lion and lamb.


Now, when I face conflict and a situation where I need to be courageous, I will often pray, “Okay Lord, do I need to be more like a Lion or more like a Lamb in this situation?”. I’m often surprised by the answer.


But with every new situation, I am learning to be led by others and by Jesus, taking the courage to trust another. And in every new situation I’m becoming a stronger and a more beautiful lioness, the daughter of a King. May you, Sons and Daughters, grow more and more in the same God-given identity.

Joanna la FleurComment