Start with Why


Before we get into the What and the How of The Word Made Digital, you should know my Whys. Simon Sinek (the go-to-guru on all things Millenials) even wrote a book all about starting with Why.

For me, there are 2 Whys.

1. I can’t sleep sometimes, and it’s your fault.

There are so many organizations doing amazing things in the world and nobody knows about them. I see churches and missions who are truly making a difference around the world, but because their communication is outdated, or messy, or unclear, nobody new is getting involved. This literally keeps me up at night. I think about how I can help you present yourself or your organization in all its amazing, beautiful, world-changing ways so that it will compel people to become raving fans of the work you do. I want to see meaningful work showcased and celebrated.

I believe that the Church has the most important message in the world, so we should become the best communicators in the world. I want to help you do that in your personal life and in your organization.

Every week I get multiple requests from churches, non-profits, and individuals asking for help with all things communication, media, video, and Christian living. It’s a total honour and I’m so grateful. I want to help all of you, but time is a limited resource. My hope is that The Word Made Digital will be a resource for you to thrive, learn, and grow when we can’t always meet in person.

2. Life is whizzing by, and I’m a procrastinator.

People who are smarter than me have been saying I should do something like The Word Made Digital for years now. I have also felt God’s urging in this direction, but life is busy and the last thing the world needs is more noise from another loud mouthed communicator. So I always thought I would get my voice out there “someday” when I had more of it figured out, and that day kept being pushed into the future.

But this year my sense of urgency began to increase. Over the course of the last few months I’ve watched two people who I dearly love go through significant health issues- one is in remission, and one is going through it in the long term. One is pretty young, and one is a bit older. But whether we get 25 years or 75, we don’t know how long we have to do the things we are meant to do in this life. To speak the things that only we can speak. To tell people how crazy we are about them. To remind people they’re not doing half as bad as they think they are. And to help as many people as possible before we stop breathing.

The time is now to do what God has asked all of us, and to reach this generation with the Gospel. Because nothing beyond today is guaranteed, and we are the only ones who can reach our own generation. So let’s go!


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