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Carey Nieuwhof interviews joanna about millenials

Carey Nieuwhof interviews Joanna about "Millennials in Ministry" on a nationally televised program called 100 Huntley Street

john hull leads television panel on finding modern ways to communicate

Joanna talks about the Church's "PR Problem" and how pastors can speak to a post-modern audience on a nationally televised program called 100 Huntley Street

Rich Birch, unseminary podcast

In this conversation, Joanna provides some uber practical advice on how to balance all the various communications demands in your church. Unseminary podcast is all about "The stuff you wish they'd taught you in seminary". (Audio or Video podcast above.)

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Justin Dean and Van Baird, That Church conference podcast,

Implementing the SCOPE system for communication requests and how Canada can teach Americans about doing ministry in a post-Christian culture.


Mark Groleau, wikigod podcast

Part of Joanna's personal journey, and the Church's call to be translators in and to our world.

See Hear Love

Joanna is a cohost on a nationally televised talk show in its 3rd season. 

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see hear love episode: mentorship

This conversation is all about how young people can actually find the mentors they desire in all aspects of their lives, and Joanna talks about building a personal "board of directors".

See hear love Episode: women leading in the church

As a young woman leader, have you ever struggled with opposition and stereotypes in your church? On this episode, three Millennial woman share openly and honestly about their love for the church and the challenges they face.

See hear love episode: how to live a life of gratitude

In this episode, Joanna talks about our personal legacies and what the ripples of our life will be depending on how much we choose to live for others. We are joined by a guest from World Vision and talk about global issues of need.

See hear love episode: what i would tell my 20 year old self

Things I wish I had learned or regrets I wish I never had in your 20's. The team at See Hear Love have had these thoughts and discussions. Special guest, Real Housewife Joan Kelley Walker joins to share her thoughts in this very honest and lively discussion.

see hear love episode: girlfriends

The team discuss why it's hard to find good girlfriends, trust issues with women,  scripture that help us define healthy relationships, and what it means for us to be good girfriends to others.

see hear love episode: Advice for Millennials in the Workplace

Joined by corporate trainer and COO of Eagle's Flight, Sue Wigston, Joanna and the SHL team talk about hiring millennials, how to have the right expectations for your career, and how to get paid to live out your passions.